Russian warship – go fuck yourself!


With the purchase of this poster you support Ukraine and the proceeds will be divided among the artists (10%), the museum (25%) and Ukranian War Relief / Hospital Care (65%).

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Nikita Titov

«Russian warship – go fuck yourself!» – that was an answer of the Ukrainian border guard Roman Hrybov to the suggestion to surrender made by Russian missile cruiser «Moskva», the flagship of the Russian Navy in the Black sea. The event took place on the Ukrainian Snake Island on 24 February 2022, the first day of the full-scaled Russian invasion.

The phrase became extremely popular in Ukraine and all over the world. It is widely used as a slogan during protests and demonstrations. In April 2022, the phrase was commemorated on a postage stamp by the Ukrainian postal service. Two days later, the «Moskva» was critically damaged by Ukrainian anti-ship missiles and sank the following day. After that the Ukrainian postal service issued a new postage stamp «Russian Warship…DONE! ». There appeared a lot of poster versions by Ukrainian artists based on this phrase. But the most popular images are those of Boris Grokh (used on the stamps) and Nikita Titov. Both can be seen on the exhibition «Ukraine. People. Courage. Posters». Those images became more then posters – they are symbols of the Ukrainians’ resistance against Russian aggression and determination in defending their homeland. Those images can be seen everywhere in Ukraine but also around the world like a symbol of support – from posters and banners to T-shirts and mugs.

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