Design Museum Dedel is an ongoing project. The Dedel Mansion, where the museum is housed, was recently renovated, but without loosing the feel of the 1880’s. It is finally open to the public.

Upcoming exhibitions

8 February until 21 May 2023

Ukraine, People, Courage, Posters

Posters from Ukraine, 2022 as well as from the 1920’s. This exhibition is held to support the Ukrainian people. The posters from 2022 are for sale in a limited edition with proceeds going towards the artists (10%), the museum (25%) and Ukrainian War Relief (65%).
Free entrance for those holding a Ukrainian passport or ID card.21 May benefit auction of the posters.

Also showing from 15 February until 21 May 2023, “War to War. Posters for Peace 1912-2022”

24 May until 3 September 2023

Photo Posters and Modernity

6 September until 31 December 2023

Escher & Co, visual tricks in design

Has to be decided


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Gebroken talent: Een hommage aan vijf Joodse ontwerpers, die de bevrijding niet mochten beleven.

Meijer Bleekrode, Fré Cohen, Julius Klinger en Stefan Schlesinger, Salomon Schwarz.

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De vier musketiers. Cassandre, Carlu, Colin en Loupot.

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Jan Sluyters

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The seventies