From private residence to auction house to museum: that is Design Museum Dedel. A museum in a stellar 17th-century building at the Prinsegracht, in The Hague, where the history of advertising, graphic art and design comes to life!

Design and advertising

We all have to deal with advertising on a daily basis. But how often do we consciously look at the designs associated with it? The design says a lot about the time in which it originated and gives the opportunity to approach history from a different perspective.
With a semi-permanent layout, Design Museum Dedel will show an overview of 150 years of advertising and design. Be surprised by the various themes of the temporary exhibitions such as Russian Avantgarde, Art Deco, the Seventies...

Museum under construction

The museum not only develops in light of the ongoing restoration, it also develops further through new insights and possibilities and through the establishment and operation of partnerships with other similar institutes elsewhere in the world.