This video shows the removal of a part of the wallpaper in the Grote Zaal (Great Hall) of House Dedel. This so-called ‘Imitation Gold leather wallpaper’ was made in Japan around 1880 and is very rare. The restoration process is being executed by one of the leading Dutch paper restorers. The final restoration will be handled in the atelier of the restorers.

A video from 2018 shows Huis Dedel at the start of the restoration process. The speeches at the meeting of the ‘Maten van Mesdag’ are only in Dutch available.

This video shows the previous exhibition Tempo Doeloe, a century of design from the ‘Gordel van Smaragd’, the former Dutch East Indies. The splendid interior of the 17th century mansion  Huis Dedel is also shown.

This video shows in detail a part of the restoration process of the so-called imitation goldleather wallpaper from Huis Dedel executed in the atelier of Jan Snoek.