Mariupol Pokrova


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Maksym Palenko

Mariupol is a Ukrainian city on the coast of the Azov sea. Being in the complete siege. And under constant shelling it resisted the Russian invaders for almost three months. The last stronghold of the defenders was the catacombs of the factory Azovstal. The fate of Mariupol is, perhaps, the most terrible in the Russian Ukrainian war. It was almost totally destroyed, dozens of thousands of civil people perished from Russian bombs, shells and rockets (the exact number is unknown as the city is still under the occupation). The sufferings of Mariupol have become a deep trauma for the whole nation, and its defenders are respected as heroes.

Pokrova or Protection of Our Most Holy Lady is a great feast in the Eastern Orthodox Church. It is especially revered and celebrated in Ukraine where Pokrova symbolizes patronage of the Mother of God over the Ukrainian Cossacks and the Ukrainian army.

The artist used as a basis for his poster a typical composition of the so called Cossack Pokrova iconography which became popular in Ukraine at the end of the 17th century. On old Pokrova icons under the protecting veil of the Virgin Mary were depicted Cossacks and their leaders of that times. Maksym Palenko placed under the veil contemporary defenders of Mariupol. It is remarkable that the robe of the Mother of God is decorated with ornament of Azovstal factory constructions.

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