Poster is the fastest artistic way to tell about the war in Ukraine

03 march 2023

On the 8th of February, Design Museum Dedel in Den Haag opened an exhibition devoted to the commemoration of the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. «UKRAINE. PEOPLE. COURAGE. POSTERS» can be considered one of the largest Ukrainian wartime poster exhibitions in Europe showing almost half a hundred wartime posters by the best contemporary Ukrainian artists, such as Maksym Palenko, Oleksandr Grekhov, Nikita Titov, Borys Groh, Yurii Zhuravel, and artists of the Pictoric illustrator group. In addition, the exhibition presents Ukrainian posters of the 1920s from the Design Museum Dedel collection, which illustrate the richness of the cultural life of Ukrainians a century ago.

Poster is the fastest artistic way to tell about the war in Ukraine

The exhibition aims to tell the Dutch audience about the most important events, which happened in Ukraine after February 24, 2022, but also to raise funds for medical assistance in Ukraine. A whole 65% of all profits received from the sales of limited edition of poster prints will be transferred to the Healthcare4Ukraine fund. The exhibition will last until May 21, 2023 and will end with a charity auction. Additionally, the entrance to the museum is free for Ukrainian citizens for the entire duration of the exhibition. Hopefully the exhibition will travel abroad.

«The exposition is organized to support the courageous Ukrainian People in their heroic struggle for freedom and independence.» – Martijn F. Le Coultre, president of Design Museum Dedel.

«With the beginning of the invasion by the troops of the Russian Federation, it became clear that the artform of the poster is the fastest artistic way to tell about the war in Ukraine. A wartime poster in the last century was always created on the order of the state, but the posters presented at this exhibition were made on the artists’ own initiative as immediate reactions to the events of the war. Most of these posters were created for social networks as an expression of the artists’ emotion, but also as an opportunity for people to share these works online in situations where their own words were simply lacking due to pain.» – Daria Lysenko, curator of the exhibition.

«The small 17th-century mansion (of stunning monumental beauty!) could barely accommodate all the guests at the opening ceremony. This rather specific place is loved by the Dutch - it houses a collection of masterpieces of Dutch printed advertising and posters from the past 150 years.
Now the museum has placed iconic works of Ukrainian artists known to every Ukrainian.» –Snizhana Starovytska, Ukrainian journalist, cultural expert, who visited the opening of the exhibition.

«UKRAINE. PEOPLE. COURAGE. POSTERS» (08.02.2023 – 21.05.2023)
Museum address: Design Museum Dedel, Prinsegracht 15, 2512 EW Den Haag – staff of Design Museum Dedel – Daria Lysenko, curator of the exhibition